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Referee’s game guide of the Latin-American Soccer League

  1. Check the nets.
  2. Check if the corner flags or cones are on position.
  3. Do not start the game if the corner flags or cones are not on position.
  4. Check the player’s ID’s, check the backside for the player’s name and team’s name and the player’s face. On the front side, the ID must to have the current year, this are the valid ID’s:
2016-17 ID
2015 ID


  1. Check if that the jerseys are the same color and have numbers on the back.
  2. Do not let play the players without number on the jersey and if they are already in the field give them a yellow card.
  3. Return the ID’s to the teams after the end of the match.
  4. Send the referee’s report on time the reports must to arrive on Thursdays or before. Referee sending a report late will get 10.00 Dollars fine.
  5. Referees can send the report by e-mail or text, ONLY if there are no ejections on the match. If there is any ejection on the match the report must to be send by mail with the ejected player’s ID.
  6. If the referee by mistake forget to return any ID at the end of the match, the ID must to be mail.

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